Kangaroo Valley Photography

Kangaroo Valley Southern Highlands; Upon first sighting Kangaroo Valley (a jewel on the NSW south coast) in April 1812, George Evans (Surveyor and Explorer) claimed the valley offered a view that ' no painter could beautify." Anyone who visits 'the Valley' will certainly agree with Evan's first impressions as it is a truly remarkable and beautiful setting. There is a wonderful feel about Kangaroo Valley, the geomorphology provides amazing energy and many are drawn to its spiritual power as well; no surprise that many describe it as " The most beautiful valley in Australia"

Part of the southern highlands, Kangaroo Valley is a gently sloping wide east-west valley surrounded on all sides by high mountains of the NSW Southern Highlands; it is an ideal Sydney weekender destination with regions must-see destinations like Fitzroy Falls, Berry, Moss Vale, Bowral and Mittagong. The high sandstone escarpment envelopes the lush green pastures, pristine creeks & rivers and the verdant rainforest...combine to create the perfect escape.

Kangaroo Valley formed by the Kangaroo River (and its tributaries) slowly carving a deep river valley into the southern end of the Sydney basion below the towering Hawkesbury and Nowra sandstone cliffs that enclose the valley. The resultant Valley floor has deep and fertile alluvial soils which support dairy and beef agribusinesses and the beautiful riverside vegetation.

Also located in Kangaroo Valley is the much-photographed Hampden Bridge, the oldest suspension bridge in Australia.

The Drawing Room Rocks, so named as the weathered sandstone formations resemble the tables and chairs or a Drawing Room, provides the visitor one of the most amazing coastal vistas with views from Seven Mile Beach all the way along the coast to Pigeon House Mountain at Ulladulla and around to Kangaroo valley. (A field of view of almost 180 degrees). During spring and Autumn, Kangaroo Valley fills with cloud, the morning sun will warm the cloud and create a wonderful cascade over the gap between Woodhill Mountain and Broughton Head and flow eastward towards Berry.

Perched on the edge of the escarpment, these formations sit nearly 600m above sea level and provide uninterrupted views of the NSW South Coast, the Shoalhaven River and towns like Gerroa, Berry, and Nowra. The local landmark Broughton Head (also known as 'Wedding Cake Mountain') sits about 4kms to the west of this wonderful 'room with a view'.

Kangaroo Valley is located a little over 2 hrs from Sydney and can be reached either via Moss Vale (Southern Highlands) or via Kiama, Berry and the Illawarra (NSW South Coast). For those visiting Kangaroo Valley, there are no shortage of things to see and do and the town offers the a great array of shops, galleries, cafe, restaurants and a great Hotel; in addition, Kangaroo Valley accommodation caters to all tastes and all budgets.

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