Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Images of Melbourne & Surrounds

Melbourne, the food and fashion capital of Australia, presents the visitor with a myriad of things to do and see; and many unique vistas for the photographer. Much is made if its rivalry with its northern cousin Sydney but there really cannot be any comparisons as each city has its own unique qualities and stand on their own as marvellous Australia cities.

Melbourne presents itself as a very cosmopolitan city with a lovely multicultural fabric that makes the city of Melbourne a pleasure to visit and it is not only about sport.

The European feel to the city (in a similar vein to Stockholm or Paris) with its restaurants, cafes and wonderful lane-ways provides for an easy and pleasurable experience around the city as well as St Kilda, South Yarra and Carlton.

Add to this that it is the fashion capital of Australia (not to mention the sports capital as well).

Melbourne and Surrounds