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The Twelve Apostles

The magnificent Twelve Apostles are true Australian icons; in the same vein as the Outback or the mighty Darling River, they are ingrained in the Australian character. The first sight of the magnificent sandstone structures lives with you forever and is a must for those who have not ventured along the Great Ocean Road. (About 5 hours drive from Melbourne).

Originally referred to as "Sow and Piglets" but renamed by early settlers, the limestone stacks, which are reputed to be the world's tallest, rising majestically out of the Southern Ocean just off the coast. Formed by constant eroding of the softer limestone that makes up the coast, the iconic structures are created as harder limestone remains as the coast is eroded inland.

The sandstone stacks are some of the more recognisable coastal features of Australia and as such is always high on any travellers 'top destination to see while in Australia' and is perfectly located on the western end of the Great Ocean Road and forms part of the Shipwreck Coast that also hosts other majestic coastal scenes like Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, and Mutton Bird Island.

The Great Ocean Road is regarded as one of the most scenic coastal roads in the world. The drive starts at Anglesea and travels westward towards Cape Otway and the Otway Ranges through lovely coastal towns like Lorne and Apollo Bay.  The drive cuts across Cape Otway before again joining the beautiful sandstone coastline (Known also as the Shipwreck Coast)

The area now hosts to The Great Ocean Walk; a 104km route along  Victoria's spectacular west coast from Apollo Bay to the magnificent 12 Apostles. The route winds itself through beautiful National Parks, along deserted beaches and past pristine marine sanctuaries.

The Great Ocean Walk can be done in part or as a complete walk.

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